Hellfire Habanero Chilli Sauce

Hellfire Habanero 140ml Hotter than the fires of hell! This sauce contains approximately 50% Habanero chillies!   The Habanero is the king of all chillies! It has a clear, crisp heat, with a distinctive earthy flavour. My personal favourite. Measuring at around 100,000 - 350,000 scovil...


Dragon Slayer Chilli Sauce

Dragon Slayer Chilli Sauce 140ml   Hot enough to slay a dragon! This extra hot sauce has extra habanero in, as well as birds eye chillies. It’s not just hot though. It has a great sweet flavour from the ginger and other ingredients. Great for dipping, splashing on chips or burgers, ...


Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce

Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce 140ml   Our sweet Thai style chilli sauce is made with cider vinegar, sugar, garlic and red chillies, with nothing else! Not bulked up with water and thickeners, or other nasty additives like most sweet chilli sauces.   It has a great sticky sweet garlic...


Smokey Chipotle Chilli Sauce

Smokey Chipotle Chilli Sauce 140ml   This Mexican style chilli sauce has a great Smokey flavour, acquired for the chipotle chilli. Chipotles are made by smoke drying jalapeños. It has a medium heat, with a sweet taste, and goes great with chicken and eggs or added to Mexican dishes...


Hot Caribbean Chilli Sauce

Hot Caribbean Chilli Sauce 140ml I came up with the idea for this sauce after a trip to Barbados, where the locals have their own locally made hot chilli sauce on every meal, even breakfast! It had such a distinctive heat and flavour, which I discovered was from the islands chilli, the Habanero. ...


Hot Habanero BBQ Sauce

Hot Habernero BBQ Sauce 140ml   This sweet yet hot BBQ sauce contains Habernero, the king of chillies! It has a smooth, smokey flavour with that classic BBQ taste and a good kick! Great with ribs, chicken and anything else you fancy smothering! Allergy Information: Contains Mustard, So...


Sweet Chilli Jam

Sweet Chilli Jam 340g Sweet Chilli Jam. It’s so versatile! Great with cold meats, cheese, fish, and eggs... you name it! It’s even great spread on toast! It has a sweet apple and red pepper flavour, with a mild heat. Ingredients: Sugar, Chillies, Red Pepper, Bramley Apple, Lemon Ju...


Chunky Chilli-lilli Chutney

Chunky chilli-lilli Chutney 340g   A Twist on a classic chunky Piccalilli recipe, with lots of hearty chunky vegetables and the added heat of chillies! Perfect with ham and cheese sandwiches, or served with cold meat. Allergy Advice: Mustard, Sulphites.   Ingredients: Califl...


Smokin' Hot Red Onion Chutney

Smokin' Hot Red Onion Chutney 340g   A smokin’ twist to a favourite red onion chutney recipe! This chutney contains smokey Chillies, that give a great smokey flavour and real kick! Great with BBQ food, cold meats and cheese. Medium heat.   Why not try with these recip...


Spicy Bolognese Pasta Sauce

Spicy Bolognese Pasta Sauce 395g   This handcooked rich tomato pasta sauce, is packed full of flavour, with added olives, capers and chillies. And lots of italian seasoning. It is only slightly spicy so all the family can enjoy it. Serves 2-3.   Ingredients:  Chopped Tomat...


Fiery Jalfrezi Curry Sauce

Fiery Jalfrezi Curry Sauce 395g   Jalfrezi, the most popular curry dish in the uk, and with good reason to! Our version is even hotter with added Haberneros to the traditional recipe. Best cooked with chicken, peppers and onions, and served with basmati rice. serves 2-3. Ingredients:&n...


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